Ten Worlds of Rudbeckia

In Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism the Ten Worlds are the potential life conditions that we can pass through from moment to moment. and most of can probably identify with these at some stage in our daily lives...  

Buddhahood is the state of true, indestructible happiness. It has been described as a state of perfect and absolute freedom and abundant wisdom, courage, compassion and energy.

This is the original photo that i took of a Redbeckia at Longstock Water Gardens and in a way it represents the 'truth' or the 'original' of all of the images below which are altered by applying filters.

In the same way our Buddhahood can be 'filtered' by experience, attitude and our karma. So our lives can be in a hell state or rapture or combinations of all of them. These ten worlds can also incorporate all of the other worlds and they can have positive or negative effects on our lives at any moment in time. So it makes it a very complicated principle.

Nichiren's Buddhism explains that we all have the potential for Buddhahood.

These images are available as a set (or individual) greetings cards - 20% of profits will go to dementia research with the Alzheimer's Society

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