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I have never thought of myself as an artist! I have had artistic impulses in my life but I have not been able, until now, to do anything seriously! I have always been drawn to shapes and colour however the rapid development of technology, techniques apps like Prisma has enabled me to use my interpretation to full effect. Evolving Art is the result! I hope you enjoy them as much I did creating them!

As a member of SGI UK (a lay Buddhist organistaion) I see the world around me in a wide range of conditions which we call the Ten Worlds. So it was quite natural for me to create a series of ideas with Prisma around the photos of a Rudbekia  that expressed my interpretation of these basic sates of life - Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Tranquillity,  Rapture, Learning, Absorption, Boddhisattva and Buddahood. But what do you see?


That idea led to a series of more and mages that evolved... see here

I also want to use my work to help people suffering with dementia which has become one of the major killing diseases in the UK. Therefore, I will donate 20% of my profits to the research into a cure for this terrible disease with the Alzheimer's Society.   

Click here to download a guide to see how you could run an event to raise funds for this important cause...

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